Chris Hill Custom

PWIC is the exclusive distributor for the Chris Hill Custom Mouthpiece.

Mr. Hill has designed a series of mouthpieces with a 21st century perspective on the sound and playing preferences of the greatest and most influential American orchestral clarinetists on the 20th century, a number of whom taught Mr. Hill and directly influenced his own playing and subsequent mouthpiece craftsmanship. His goal is to capture the luminous tone, nimble articulation and liquid note transitions that define these players through the design, materials and finishing work of each handcrafted mouthpiece.


The Chris Hill Custom Mouthpiece is available in four different models





Facings/Tip Opening

Each model is regularly available in standard tip openings of 1.00mm, 1.04mm, 1.09mm, and 1.13mm. Any mouthpiece can be ordered with a non-standard tip opening or customized further by Mr. Hill after purchase with additional wait time.


Each newly purchased mouthpiece includes one session of refinement and customization by Mr. Hill. Every player is unique and has not just distinctive sensibilities regarding timbre, articulation, and resistance, but also how the mouthpiece interacts with that player’s physicality in terms of embouchure, articulation style, air support, etc. Clients have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Hill in person in Sioux Falls, SD or when he is touring the country attending clarinet events or university master classes to “dial in” the mouthpiece to the precise preferences of the player. For those who prefer to work with Mr. Hill remotely, these same services are available for the cost of round trip shipping and insurance. (Mouthpieces are not exchangeable or returnable once alterations have been made to the stock item.)


Every model and profile of Chris Hill Custom Mouthpiece costs $325 plus shipping/handling/insurance as applicable. Sales tax will apply if purchases are made in New Jersey or in person with either PWIC or Mr. Hill.


PWIC offers a limited trial program at the expense of the client. Please contact us for more information on accessory trials.

Christopher Hill has completed his 32nd season as principal clarinetist of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. Paul Globus, in The Clarinet magazine, calls Hill a “first rate clarinetist… whose playing is uniformly excellent.”  He has performed with the Baltimore Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Omaha Symphony, New Sousa Band, Carousel National Tour, Evita World Tour, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Binghamton Symphony, and the Rome Festival Orchestra. He has been a soloist with the SDSO, Sioux Falls Municipal Band, and other orchestras and bands, and he and John Walker performed at ClarinetFest 2005, in Tokyo, Japan. They have recorded a CD of this music, and he is also featured on two recordings with the SDSO. He also performed at ClarinetFest 2012 with the Manhattan Basset Horn Trio.

Hill is the conductor of the Sioux Falls Municipal Band, and has conducted the SDSO, Hunterdon Symphony, and was a rehearsal conductor for the Carousel National Tour. He has been a clinician at many universities and music schools, including The Peabody Institute, University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Southern California, and Oakland University, and is a clarinet instructor at Augustana University. Hill holds a Bachelor and Master of Music degree from Temple University, where he was a student of Anthony Gigliotti. In addition, he has studied with Donald Montanaro, Burt Hara, Ronald Rueben, Karl Herman, David Peck, and George Silfies.